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UFO (Unidentified Flying Object)

If UFOs appear in a dream, they can refer to presentiments or to intuitive, creative thoughts, which ( as it were ) fly to the dreamer form another world.  Journeys in UFOs or spaceships where the dreamer leaves the earth should, in contrast, be seen as warning signals. Images like this signify dangerous alienation from the realities of life.  The dream can be attempting to make the dreamer aware of high-flown, over-complicated thoughts.  It can also refer to overinflated self-awareness, which is disrupting the vitally necessary contact with the unconscious.


An open umbrella always refers in a dream to the protective functions of the umbrella and thus of the carrier.  Consequently, when the dreamer dreams of himself seeking refuge under a large umbrella, covering or canopy, this can assume the significance of escapism, anxiety, a flight from the realities of life, etc.


The uniform is vocational clothing. It characterizes the professional function of the wearer for the public.  In a dream, uniforms also have a similar significance.  They indicate corresponding properties or abilities.  If the dreamer himself is wearing a uniform, although it does not belong to him or bears no relation to his everyday life, then it is a symbol of the Persona.  It indicates how the dreamer is seen by his fellowmen or how he behaves towards the world around him.

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