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Adults frequently experience their own father in a dream as a helpful figure. He reminds the dreamer of things he has taught him which are now forgotten, and embodies that aspect of the dreamer's personality which is formed by the father. As a rule, the father is a symbol of traditional order and of that natural authority which is vitally necessary. The father appears particularly frequently in the dreams of younger people. Here, he becomes the dreamer's opponent. With this image, the dream is broaching the question of the so-called generation gap. it is necessary , however, for young people to rebel against the guidelines established by the father in order to develop their own, independent personality. The dream is seeking to help the dreamer overcome his childish image of his father and to see him as the person he really is in real life.


The image of a field can indicate to the dreamer that a fertile phase is beginning. This image can, however, also indicate that the dreamer must apply himself to a specific problem.

Fire (domestic)

The fire symbolizes the warmth of human emotions. It frequently appears in women's dreams, where it indicates the problems of marriage. In earlier days it was, of course, the woman's task to keep the fire burning. Interpretations should be made accordingly.


The image of fish in water in a dream can imply a sexual theme. Fish live in water, which is a straightforward symbol of the unconscious. Seen in this light, the fish indicates man's instinctive aspects, which are governed by the unconscious.

Flame, fire

The positive, life-preserving significance of fire arises from the concept of the eternal flame of life. The appearance of devouring and destructive fire in a dream is a danger signal. The danger can relate to the dreamer's sexual problems. We commonly speak of devouring love when we really mean dependency.

Flowers, airplane

Flowers are symbols for the dreamer's feelings. There are proverbial parallels between human and plant life cycles growing, budding, blossoming and fading. A system of flower symbolism holds true only for certain plants like, for example, roses, lilies and cacti. A fresh-cut bouquet or a tree in blossom, as a rule, has positive significance.

Flying, airplane

Dreams of flying are extremely common. An airplane can appear positively in a dream as a conveyer of thoughts or ideas of far-reaching significance. It can equally well signify a desire for independence. Generally, however, flying is a danger signal, particularly when the dreamer flies or hovers on his own, without an airplane. This dream image shows that the dreamer's thoughts have become divorced from the realities of life. To a certain extent, he is making things too easy for himself by "flying over" his problems.

Forest, Wood

In a dream, the forest indicates the realm of the unconscious. Experience has shown that dream events which take place in a forest or wood are archetypal patterns of the collective unconscious. Frequently, these are behavior patterns we know from fairytales and legends, as to some extent fairytales, legends and myths represent the dreams of mankind.

Fountain, spring

In myths and fairytales, fountains and springs symbolize the origin of life. Stemming from the belief that it is womankind which continually renews life by childbirth, the fountain has acquired the symbolic meaning of the fountain of life.


Men rarely dream of frogs, but more often of toads. In women's or girl's dreams, the frog has a similar significance to that in the well-known fairytale of the frog king by the Brothers Grimm. In this fairytale, the frog turns into a radiant prince. But this only happens after the princess, on her father the king's orders, has given the frog food from her plate and warmed him in her bed.
The frog is an animal which lives partly on land and partly in water. It indicates a transitionary phase in the process of evolution of living things, and is in this respect a symbol of change or transformation. The frog's life in water refers to cold and still impersonal elemental nature. The fairytale tells us allegorically that this impersonal side of nature, which also plays a role in sexuality, can only be elevated into the sphere of an acceptable human relationship by spiritual nourishment and by being firmly embedded in human emotions.
The toad is the symbol of the fertile, devouring mother goddess, who is also the mother of death. A toad in a man's dream can, therefore, be seen as a warming signal.

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