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The image of a party in a dream should be seen as referring to the dreamer's relationship to his fellowmen.  The events at the party often show complications and situations of conflict involving the dreamer and the world around him (beyond the immediate family circle).

Persecution Dreams

Persecution dreams, in diverse variations, are extremely frequent.  However, these dream images should be seen as indicating that the dreamer should accept whatever is persecuting him.  These are elements of the unconscious which are penetrating the consciousness.


In the gray mists of antiquity, the pig was a symbolic attendant of the Great Goddess, the ruler of the animals. She was also ruler of man's natural sexuality.  The pig's popular connotations of prosperity and wealth (c.f. piggy-banks) still refer to this, as in this case the pig stands for potency in the sense of a creative force.

Plane Crash

A crash in an airplane dream can indicate that the dreamer has become too remote form the realities of life and is going to come down to earth with a bump.

Police Officer

A policeman personifies that function within the dreamer which regulates and orders things.  A traffic policeman in a dream gives guidance in how to adapt to a family or social situation in the world around the dreamer.


In the mythology of primitive peoples, the pot symbolizes the mother's uterus.  In fairytales, the pot is usually the container in which witches brew their potions.  In a dream, the pot usually indicates an unconscious element.


With dreams which take place in a prison or dreams of being a prisoner, the psyche is indicating being imprisoned by mental images of  the consciousness which, as a rule, do not coincide with reality. In this case, both intellectual and spiritual limitations can be indicated.


Prostitute in a dream should be regarded as aspects of the dreamer's own personality. Psychologically speaking, they represent anomalous people - women whose female emotions are stunted and under-developed.  The prostitute symbolizes spiritual impoverishment and emotional indifference.  This can refer either to the marital partner or to an attitude toward fellowman.

Public House ( Landlord, Landlady)

Extremely frequently, dreams occur which take place in a public house and in which the landlord or landlady plays a role.  Comparable with the kitchen's significance as a dram symbol, the public house is a place where psychic energy is transformed.  The dram often indicates unexpected surprises, where the figure of the landlord plays the role of the unconscious manipulator.

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