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In earlier times, every house had its own garden. It was a personal domain, which married couples cultivated and tilled with their own hands. A dream garden is thus an age old symbol it has the significance of growth, fertility and renewal.


The figure of the giant refers to a too-powerful father-figure. In mythology, as in fairytales, the giant symbolizes the threatening aspects of unconscious male drives or instincts. It is characteristic of these fairytales that it is never the hero who defeats the giant, but the native youngest brother. It is he who comes up with a bright idea for defeating the giant. The symbolic significance of events like this in fairytales is that in battle with monsters and giants, the intellect - however alert is  often not enough. The figure of the native brother embodies that psychic function which has contact with the unconscious. This signifies that it is only in connection with intuition that the intellect can find the correct solution.


Gold is a dream symbol of great significance, a symbol of immortality. Discovering gold or being given gold can be seen as indications by the psyche that new understanding will be gained and that an expansion of consciousness will take place.


The grape was originally a religious symbol belonging to the Dionysus myth. In the Greek cult of Dionysus, he is trodden and squashed in the symbolic form of the grape. The deep symbolic meaning of wine is that of the transformation of grapes into a drink. The dream image of the grape is a positive symbol of transformation of change.

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