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Abyss ( chasm, precipice)

The image of an abyss is a danger signal.  If the path leads to an abyss and no further, then it is advisable to return.  On the other hand, a path leading down into an abyss can signify that the dreamer should acquaint himself with a situation in all its depths.  Should the dreamer find a bridge leading to the other side, this can be seen as a positive sign.  In this, case, the abyss symbolizes conflicts in life which can be reconciled.

When Adam appears in a dream, or the dreamer sees himself as Adam, the images of an initial situation is presented.  It is possible that the rest of the dream's contents are simply a reminder of Paradise and the Fall.  Usually, however, this symbolizes the fact that the arrival of the human race on earth represented a new order of living beings; the only living beings to unite psychic and physical qualities.


The loss of a member in a dream is a warning signal.  The loss of a led indicates impeded progress, or the loss of an intellectual or spiritual base.  The amputation of a hand can be interpreted as the loss of freedom to act.


A symbol of the guardian angel.  It appears as the image of a spiritual leader who regulates and directs conscious and unconscious processes of the psyche.  It can also be regarded as a symbol uniting material and psychic aspects.


The apple is an ancient symbol of fertility; it was only in Christian mythology that a negative connotation became attached to it - that of the Fall.  In younger people's dreams, the apple frequently has an erotic significance.  In mature people's dreams, the apple is a symbol of spiritual fertility.

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