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As a dream symbol, the eagle embodies an archaic image of god, of lofty, high-soaring thoughts, but also of devouring spiritual passion.
First and foremost, the eagle symbolizes a positive spiritual situation. A sexual significance can be traced in Greek myth, where the eagle symbolizes the procreative function of Zeus, who approached the star goddess Asteria as an eagle. The image of the union of eagle and goddess symbolizes the union of two opposites - psyche and the material world. The image of an eagle which is unable to fly well signifies limitation of spiritual freedom or neglect of spiritual interests.


In Greek mythology, Eros  is the god of love. His bride is psyche, the soul. He can symbolize the spiritual relationship between man and woman.


Eve with the apple is generally taken as an image of seduction. This is not so in dreams, however. Here, she indicates woman's emotional capabilities and motherliness.


Evening indicates to the dreamer that he is about to approach the area of the unconscious. For older persons, evening in a dream can signify the 'twilight years'.

Excrement (faeces)

In primitive belief, excrement as well as saliva, urine, sweat and hair were magic substances. We must not forget that in earlier times fields were fertilized with animal and also human excrement. Excrement is thus connected in popular belief with money and wealth.
Psychoanalysis regards the image of excretion in a dream as a castration symbol. Freud was of the opinion that a child experiences excretion as a loss. He found that over emphasis on cleanliness in the upbringing of small children sows the seeds of neuroses and sexual aberrations in latter life. Experience in the field of psychotherapy has confirmed this opinion. The basic cause, however, is no longer seen as anal eroticism on the child's part, but as the loss of affection the child experiences as a result of such an exaggeratedly strict upbringing. 


The eyes are commonly held to be the mirror of the soul. The ancient Egyptians  regarded the sun and moon as the eyes of the heavenly gods; fro shakespeare, the sun was "the beauteous eye of heaven". In a dream, the eye acquires the significance of an organ of consciousness. Impaired vision, for example, would mean that a particular problem, or the possibilities that a life holds, are not being seen correctly.

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