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The canopy is one of the attributes of a ruler. In a dream, it can be a sigh of male sovereignty.


In a dream, the car symbolizes the motive energy or the vitality of its owner.  Both the size of the car and its external apperances can indicate how the dreamer is regarded by the world about him.  A speedy sports car can be a sexual symbol.  The freedom of movement and the thrill of the speed are suggestive of unconstrained love.  It is noteworthy that this symbolic meaning is used for advertising purposes.  In dreams, however, cars and driving symbolize vitality in general rather than sexual potency.


Carnivores symbolize strong aggressive tendencies.  In mythology birds and beasts of prey are part of the entourage of the goddess of nature.  This signifies the threatening and negative aspects female sexuality has for men.  The carnivore also has this significance in dreams.  The dream animals which signify male sexual aggression in women's dreams are mostly smaller carnivores like polecats, wildcats, pine martens, etc.


Castles and fortresses, like all buildings, should be seen as the zone of the dreamer's psychic life. They are also mother symbols, representing the sheltering and protective aspects of motherhood.


The cat symbolizes the realm of the emotions.  mostly it has an erotic significance, indicating that attitudes towards sexuality are still on an animal, perfunctory level.
The cat's sexual symbolic significance is illustrated by the fact that it is more or less a tame miniature carnivore.  Implicit in this is a parallel ot the dreamer's own muted animal instincts.  The cat indicates a certain egocentricity on the dreamer's part, as well as difficulties in making contact with the opposite sex.
In the dreams of neurotic women a tomcat can, for example, be the sign of a father-complex.

Cave, grotto

The grotto is a holy place in the mythology of many races, particularly when there is a spring in it.  It was dedicated to the goddess of nature and inhabited by nymphs, elemental spirits.  In a dream, the grotto is an indication of the problems surrounding womanhood.


Chains symbolize a tie or a bond.  This can apply, in a positive sense, to marriage.  The negative significance of chains is imprisonment. A shackle in a dream, and also the familiar fashionable gold chain round the ankle, can imply masochistic tendencies.


The child symbolizes a new potentiality. Usually, the dreamer is being informed of the possibility of a new attitude to life.  If the dream child is ill or on the verge of death, this is a warning signal. It shows the dreamer that spiritual aspects within him are in danger of becoming deadened. Dreams like this, however, are rate; mostly the child appears as a positive symbol.


Childhood is frequently re-experienced in a dream.  The dream refers to long-forgotten events which perhaps unconsciously still play too great a role in the dreamer's life.  the situation must be thought over again. In this way, the roots of neuroses can become apparent in dreams.  Experience has shown that disturbed behavior in later life is conditioned all too frequently by childhood.


When the image of Christ occurs, it should at all events be taken as a serious signal.  It indicates that man cannot come to terms with the idea that his life is purely a meaningless coincidence without damage to his psychic equilibrium.


If the dreamer finds himself in a church, this indicates the necessity of giving some thought to the meaning of life.  Experience has shown that church dreams appear particularly when the dreamer avoids such consideration far too much in real life.


Circumcision is a part of the cult of initiation and masculinity rites.  Should a similar scene appear in a dream, it is in no way connected with castration - quite the opposite! In the belief of primitive peoples, circumcision symbolizes the sacrifice of the animal instincts.  The image  of circumcision or of similar rituals in a dream indicates the necessity of becoming aware of one's animal instincts.

Clergyman, vicar

If a clergyman or vicar appears in older people's dreams, the dream is indicating the necessity of giving some thought to the meaning of life.  In general, the image of a priest can also contain an allusion to his helpful function as a spiritual physician.


Clothing shows the dreamer's personality, or how he thinks his fellowmen see him.  But it also shows the reverse - how he is really seen by the world about him.  Clothes are symbols of the Persona, a concept of Jung's. what he meant by this was man's personality as he projects it - usually unconsciously - toward the world about him.


The symbolic significance of clouds arises form their rain bearing properties.  Rain still has the significance of the element which fertilizes seeds.


The coat is a symbol of protection and also disguise. As a rule, these tendencies apply to the dreamer's personality.  This image can also indicate that those around him need protection.


The psyche often makes use of color symbolism to convey information in dreams.  It is often asserted that people rarely dream in color.  This is untrue. When the dreamer particularly emphasizes having dreamed in color, this simply means that he remembers the colors.  As far as interpretation is concerned, this means that the dream is giving additional significance to the information conveyed by the use of these colors.
The following should be considered when interpreting the individual colors: BLACK must be regarded as a signal of a state of non awareness in the sense of a standstill.  WHITE can also be a reference to a state of non awareness, like that which exists before the start or after the end of the psyche's conscious life.  White can thus indicate forebodings of death.
Yellow is like gold.  In a dream, it is the color of mental, intuitive activity.
Red is the color which most excites out attention.  Ted is the symbol for the dynamics of life.  It is also a symbol for animal instincts and aggression.  Orange is a particularly strong signal for activity.
Blue is the color which symbolizes the intellect.  It indicates clear-headed deliberations and dispassionate thinking.
Purple is a signal for especial significance.
As new life begins in spring, when fields and meadows turn a fresh green sheen, this color has an extremely positive meaning.  Color test series over a period of years showed that brown is preferred by neurotics and indicates unconscious complexes.
Violet in a dream symbolizes conflict situations arising form the opposition of body and intellect.

Corn, cornfield

The cornfield is a symbol of fertility. A waving cornfield in a dream is an extremely positive signal.  It indicates a rich harvest; a harvest which however doesnot fall effortlessly into out laps as a gift of nature.  The harvest previously required hard work on the farmer's part.

A corpse in a dream is a danger signal of the highest order.  Death is a symbol of transformation, followed as a rule by rebirth.  The corpse, on the other hand, is a symbol of the long dead, inanimate side of a personality.  To a certain extent, this relates to a spiritual relationship which the consciousness regards as lifeless, or to a complex which still burdens the unconscious.


In men's dreams, the cow can indicate strong ties to the mother.  In women's dreams, the symbol of the cow frequently signifies that the dreamer should develop the motherly aspects of womanhood within herself.

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