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Like all cutting or pointed weapons, the saber can have erotic significance.  This is particularly the case in the dreams of younger people.  The saber does not simply mean the phallus, however, but rather the young man's aggressive invasion of the sphere of female sexuality, a sphere still unfamiliar to him.


Sacrifice is one of humanity's oldest symbolic activities.  Its significance in a dream is similar to that in almost all religious myths and fairytales.  It contains the idea that supreme values can only be acquired by a sacrifice.  This image can also indicate that incorrect behavior in life or detrimental relationships should be given up.


Salt and bread are an expression of happy social life.  If bread is a symbol for spiritual nourishment, then salt is to some extent the intellectual spice.  If the dreamer has to drink up an over salted soup, this is an indication that he is intellectualizing problems too much.


The images of school, school work and fear of examinations are dream references to comparable processes in the school of life.  The school of life forces man to participate in these learning process for as long as s he lives; they are inescapable.  Many people, however, a re unaware of this state of affairs; the dream image of school serves to remind them of it.


If the scenery in the dream is by the sea, or if the action in the dram takes place on the seashore or ever at sea, then the dreamer is being shown an assurance which belongs to the most elemental area of the unconscious.


Seed, either as grains of seed or as human sperm, signifies vitality.  Fertilization processes in a dream, even when couched in terms of sexual union, should in no case be interpreted sexually.  The seed symbolizes the origination and development of life.  If the dream presents the image of oral fertilization, this has no connection with unfulfilled or repressed desires.  Rarely does it indicate sexual perversion on the dreamer's part, as is often assumed. It is precisely this dream image which symbolizes the necessity of a particularly intimate mental union.


The significance of sexuality was given by different races at different times, and the nature of sexual activity both have symbolic meaning. The individual sexual symbols bear witness to this.  These inform the unconscious of the fact that sex possesses not only a physical function but also a psychic function, that of creativity.  Sexual activity in a dream needs on no account to be interpreted sexually.  With these images, the dream is indicating the need for a more intimate,  intensive or more complete relationship with someone who has been neglected in conscious life.  This holds particularly true for incest dreams, i.e., dreams of sexual union with children or patents.


The ship is the symbol of the ship of life.  It has had this significance for all races since time immemorial.  In a dream, the ship symbolizes the unconscious process of life's journey.


In a dream, the shoe should be seen as symbolizing a person's attitude or point of view regarding the world about him.  Growing out of children's shoes indicates giving up a childish attitude to life.  Further indications are given by the condition of the dream shoes.  The dreamer's clothing, for example, may be elegant and faultless, but to his consternation, his shoes are nevertheless not cleaned or even worn out.  The dreamer gives himself away by his shoes.
In the German language, slippers are a proverbial symbol of female domination. The Pantoffelheld (slipper hero) or henpecked husband is dominated by his wife.  The slipper has here also a secondary, sexual significance; sexual dependency is of course often the case.  An estreme case is that of the shoe-fetishist.  For him, shoes have the significance of substitute objects for the female genitals.  The sexually aggressive woman by whom the masochist longs to be dominated is symbolized by women's boots or shoes with pointed heels.


Silver is the color of the moon, which has the female symbolic significance as the sister of the sun, or of gold.  Silver or silver coins in a dream should be seen as indications of positive female values.


If a woman's sister appears in her dream, she represents the dreamer's unconscious shadow.  In a man's dream, his sister is a symbol of the Anima; she embodies his female aspects.


The snail, which retreats into its shell, was a symbol of virginity and of resurrection in the Middle Ages.  On the other hand, its slowness of movement has become proverbial.
Experience has shown that the snail's most important dream significance is that of slowness, as well as vacillation and over sensitivity.  Problems in making contact with the world around are indicated.  In extremely rare cases the snail has sexual significance.


The snake is an ancient and ambiguous symbol.  In the biblical story of the Fall, the serpent represents Lucifer.  The forbidden fruit which Eve receives form the serpent and passes on to Adam signifies mankind's gaining of awareness.  It is the consciousness which forms the basic difference between man and all other living beings.  With this, man was elevated to the level of likeness to God; on the other hand he became aware of his mortality.
In dreams, the significance of the snake is extremely varied.  It also symbolizes man's instinctive drives.  With young people, it may well be appropriate to interpret the snake sexually.  Freud saw the snake as a typical phallic symbol, but this by no means exhausts the list of possibilities.  In the dreams of older people and those in middle age, the snake mostly appears as a symbol of change and renewal.  It can also appear as a danger signal, if the dreamer is hopping to regain youthful energy by sexual over-indulgence.  The danger that a middle-aged man might be laid low by the seductive talents of a 'viperous' woman (i.e one who is cold and calculating) is of course obvious.


Spiders in a dream are a serious danger signal  This significance arises from the image of spiders catching victims in their webs.  Webs are popularly linked with 'webs of intrigue'.  This can mean female intrigues aimed at ensnaring men, and refers to the cold, calculating nature evident in some women.


The image of a spiral is a very positive symbol; it is the image of a concentration of the mind which results in progress.  Experience has shown that it often indicates that a spiritual deadlock is being overcome.

Staircase, stairs

In a dream, the staircase connects various areas of the personality.  it is a place where 'ascending' or 'descending' tendencies in the dreamer's attitudes toward particular situations in life are expressed.


Suitcases indicates burdens the dreamer must bear or accept.


The sun appears as an image of men's creative, procreative power.  In the pre-Christian era, the sun was the supreme deity in the heavens.  It guarantees the possibility of life on earth. Its dream significance can vary, but it always indicates productive, creative energy which sets in motion intellectual or artistic processes, as well as processes of the consciousness.


People frequently appear in dreams who perform the impossible and seem to have superhuman powers at their disposal.  Usually, the dream is indicating extremely dangerous delusions of grandeur. It can also indicate that intelligence and rationality are being valued too highly.

Swamp, bog

Extremely abundant vegetation develops in a swamp, but it is very dangerous for the inexperienced traveler attempting to get through it. The dream frequently uses the image of a swamp to describe an oll-too abundantly flourishing imagination.  in the case of younger people, this must also be seen as an indication of sexual fantasies.  Not everyone possesses the strength of that famous liar Baron Munchhausen, who pulled himself out of a swamp by his pigtail.  It is therefore advisable to interpret the image of a swamp as a warning signal.

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