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Hair has wide-ranging symbolic significance.  In popular belief, the white hair of old men and women is seen as a sign of wisdom.  Black hair is connected with great passion, while blond hair is seen as a sigh on inconstancy.  Red-haired people are considered dangerous.


In the middle Ages, the hare was a symbol for God.  Three hares in a picture symbolize the Trinity, which continuously keeps watch and sees and hears everything.  It is only recently that the hare has degenerated from being a symbol of fertility to being exclusively a sexual symbol.

Hearth, kitchen-range (stove)

The domestic hearth is a symbol of marriage; it is the focus for family activity.  Its significance is, however, wider ranging.  In the hearth, the energy of the fire transforms, so to speak, foodstuffs into all-important food for the family.  (Of course nowadays its cooking function has been taken over by the electric or gas stove).  The hearth thus has the significance of a symbol of transformation and of life itself.  It is a serious sigh if the fire in the hearth goes out in a dream.  Similar dream images appear in presentiments of death in the family.


The horse is a dream symbol of great significance.  Dream research has to some extent confirmed the popular superstition that the horse is a messenger of death.


The hospital appears as an image of spiritual illness and impoverishment. The specific departments in a hospital or clinic refer to corresponding psychic functions.  Heart disease, for example, refers to emotional disorders, eye trouble refers to the failure to see a problem or a relationship with someone in its true light, a stomach ailment indicates that a situation of conflict has become 'indigestible' and is thus causing illness, etc.


The dream image of a hotel refers to areas or situations which bring transition or changes with them. The hotel is not a place where people live permanently; new people are encountered there. Translated into dream language, this would mean that the people whom the dreamer meets in the hotel embody unconscious or unknown psychic influences.


There are medieval pictorial representations of man in the form of a house.  What is meant here is the house of the soul. In a dream, the house also assumes this symbolic meaning, and the individual rooms can be interpreted correspondingly. The cellar is the realm of the unconscious. The kitchen, in which psychic nourishment is prepared, is the province of female and motherly aspects. The living room and study have exactly this significance for the psyche's area of experience. The bedroom is the marital sexual domain and the attic has, in a dream, the meaning of an area of forgotten or suppressed memories.

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