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The figure of the king in a dream refers to a supreme psychic state.  The king can be seen as the symbol of the innermost core of the dreamer's total personality.  To some extent, this signifies a spiritual Great Father-figure (Jung).


The kiss in a dream is an image of union.  Naturally, the dream kiss may have erotic significance, but this is nevertheless much more infrequent than is generally believed.  As a rule, the kiss means that the dreamer should reconcile himself with a person or accept this person.  Even Fresh kisses rarely have a sexual connotation in dreams.


The knife dissects and divides.  If the intellect applies this activity to a situation, we speak of an analysis. Of course, a knife can also be used as an offensive weapon.  Seen in this light, the man who pursues the dreamer with a knife represents an unconscious aspect of the personality, one of strong aggressive energy. The dream indicates the need to become aware of a problem. If you have similar dreams, try the following experiment on one occasion.  Go over the dream situation again in your mind.  Approach the threatening figure and take the knife from its hand.  You will see that it suddenly no longer seems threatening but, in contrast, is likely to seem to need help.  If you do this in your next dream, you will then see this threatening person with the knife  suddenly change into something completely unexpected which will illustrate the solution the dream is attempting to convey to you.

Knot, Gordian

An almost inextricably tangled piece of string, rope or wire which the dreamer attempts in vain to unravel indicates a complicated problem which is apparently insoluble. According to legend, Alexander The Great was shown the so called Gordian Knot in a temple of Zeus.  Whoever unraveled it was to become the ruler of Asia.  Alexander solved this problem by simply cutting through the know with his sword.  Shortly after this, he won the battle of Issus. In the case of an apparently insuperable neurotic conflict, a similar attitude can also lead to a resolution of the conflict. 

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