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Experience in the field of psychotherapy has taught that unusual machines, mechanical apparatus or an area filled with machines in a dream indicate the danger of serious psychic disturbance.


The mask is an indication that the dreamer identifies himself with a person of force which does not belong to his conscious personality.  Psychologically speaking, the mask symbolizes identification with an anonymous, superhuman power.  At the root of this lie delusions of grandeur; these, however, are pathological compensatins for an inferiority complex.


In real life as in dreams, a green meadow shows that winter - indicating a standstill - is over.  In this way, the meadow symbolizes new growth and productive activity.


A communal meal in a dream is the image of communal activity of a ritual or magical nature.  When interpreting the dream, note should be taken of the dreamer's religious beliefs; where relevant, the significance of the Last Supper symbolism should be brought into play.  The dishes which appear on the dream table can be varied and, in general, signify corresponding psychic matters or functions.


In popular legend and fairy tales, the mermaid is a being whose upper half is woman and whose lower half is fish.  It embodies female sexuality at a cold and still elemental stage. The dream is indicating here that human warmth is lacking. In the dreams of young people, the mermaid indicates underdeveloped, immature sexuality; in adult women's dreams it indicates frigidity.


The image of a mirror is a warning signal.  Its effects as a dream symbol are not dissimilar from those in real life.  It must not be forgotten, though, that the mirror has magical effects in all fairytales. It shows the dreamer his true face.  Because this reflection takes place within the unconscious, the dreamer sees, so to speak, unconscious aspects of his personality.  This can be frightening, but equally necessary.


Naturally, money also plays a part in dream language.  Here it symbolizes psychic energy, or rather amounts of energy.  The dream has a positive significance if money is found unexpectedly.  Losing money, on the other hand, indicates that certain talents or potentialities in the dreamer's life are not being exploited in reality.  Money usually appears in a dream in the form of coins.  If they are silver coins, then they indicate a female aspect.  Correspondingly, when the dream takes place in banks or savings-banks, it indicates a zone of psychic energy or spiritual values.  The saving of large amounts of money in a dream is not necessarily positive.  It should be understood more as a signal that energy which is available is being retained, unused.

Monkey, ape

Modern behavioral research makes use of the term 'naked ape' to explain primitive human reactions.  The monkey, with its similarity to human beings, symbolizes to a certain extent man's animal properties.  It is an extremely positive sigh when the dream monkey has a human face.  This would signify that the dreamer will become conscious of his own animality.


Morning, dawn and sunrise are indications that a new situation is about to begin.  This can also refer to gaining awareness.


When men dream of their own mother, she embodies their unconscious spiritual attitudes to women, which are formed by the mother's up bringing in early childhood.  In women's dreams, the mother correspondingly appears as an image of the dreamer's unconscious shadow (Jung), or shadow personality. The actions of unknown mother figures in dreams are important indications which should be thought over by the dreamer.


Like the car, the motorcycle is a symbol of energy.  In a dream, it refers less to potency but more to the problems of keeping the animal instincts in check.


In fairytales and in everyday speech, the mouse has erotic significance. Dream mice are a bad omen only when they appear in large numbers.


Murder murderers and victims in a dream are in no way connected with crime in real life.  Nevertheless, the dream is a danger signal.  It is an indication that the dreamer has, within his own consciousness, forcibly dissociated an aspect of his personality.  This can refer to talents, unexploited potentialities or relationships with other people.

Mushrooms, Toadstools

In a dream, these are indications of stages of stupor or intoxication.  it is known that many toadstools contain alkaloids (poisonous substances) which induce such states.  Mushrooms and toadstools thus have a sexual significance; the parallel can be seen in expressions like "intoxicated with love".


A mussel symbolizes female sexuality. A mussel which is closed is a symbol of female chastity.

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