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These names are used in Russia.

Russian Boy Names
ADAM  ? earth? or simply? man ?
ADRIAN  a town in northern italy. This gave its name to the Adriatic Sea.
AFANASI  immortal 
AFANASY  Variant transliteration of AFANASI 
AKIM  Saint Joachim was the husband of Saint Anne and the father of the Virgin Mary.
ALEKSANDER  "defending men"
ALEKSEI  helper or defender
ALEXEI  Variant transliteration of ALEKSEI 
ANDREW  man 
ANISIM  "beneficial, profitable".
ANTON  flower 
ANTHONY  flower 
BOGDAN  "gift from God" 
BORIS  Short form of BORISLAV This was the name of a 10th century Russian saint. 
BORISLAV  "fame in battle" 
BORYA  Pet form of BORIS 
CARPUS fruit
DANIIL  Russian form of DANIEL An old testament character .
DAVID  "friend" or "beloved"
DENIS  Saint Denis was a 3rd - century missionary to Gaul who was beheaded in Paris. He is the patron saint of France.
DIMA  Pet form of DIMITRI derived from the Greek Goddess ?Demeter?.
DIMITRI  Russian form of DEMETRIUS Demetrius derived from the Greek goddess of Demeter.
DMITRI  Russian form of DEMETRIUS Dmitri Mendeleev was the Russian chemist who devised the periodic table. 
DMITRII  Variant transliteration form of DMITRI 
DMITRIY  Russian Variant transliteration form of DMITRI 
DMITRY  Russian Variant transliteration form of DMITRI 
DOMINIK  "DOMINIC" of the lord
DOROFEI  gift of God
EDVARD  rich guard 
ERMOLAI  the people of Hermes.
EVGENI  well born
EVGENIYA well born
EVPRAKSIYA  good action or exercise 
FADDEI  heart
FEDOT  given to God
FEOFILAKT  guarded by god
FERAPONT  servant or worshipper
FILAT  Short form of FEOFILAKT
FOKA  ?a seal?
FOMA  form of THOMAS meaning twin
FYODOR  Russian form of THEODORE 
GABRIEL strength of God
GARSHA  old or honor
GAVRIIL  strength of god
GENNADI  noble or generous
GENNADIY  Variant transliteration of GENNADI 
GENNADY  Variant transliteration of GENNADI 
GEORGE farmer
GEORGI  farmer or earth - worker
GEORGIY  Variant transliteration of GEORG
GERASIM  old or honor 
GLEB  God of Life
GREGORY alert and attentive
GRIGORI  watchful or alert
GRIGORY Variant transliteration of GRIGORI 
HERMOLAOS  people of Hermes
HILLARY cheerful and happy
HIPPOLYTOS  freer of horses
HYPATIA  supreme power
IGOR  Bow Army
ILARI  cheerful
ILYA  from the name Elijah. Elijah was a Hebrew prophet of the 9th century BC.
INNOKENTI  innocent
IOANN  God is gracious
IOSIF  form of Joseph meaning God will add
IPATI highest or supreme
IPPOLIT  freer of horses or to loosen
IRENUS peace
IRINEI  peaceful
ISIDOR  Gift of the Egyptian Goddess 
ISIDORE  gift of Egyptian Goddess.
IVAN  This was the name of several rulers of Moscow 
JOHN God is gracious
JOSEPH God will Add
KARP  Fruits or profits
KAZIMIR  to destroy greatness
KENYA  innocent 
KIRIL  lord
KIRILL  lord
KLIMENT  merciful and gentle
KOLYA  Pet form of Nicholas
KONSTANTIN  constant and stead fast
KUZMA  order and decency
LAVRENTI  laurel
LAZAR  Lazarus was a man from Bethany, the brother of Mary and Martha, who was restored to life by Jesus. 
LEONID  lion
LEONTI  lion
LEONTY  Variant transliteration of LEONTI 
LEONTI  lion
LEV  "lion" 
LUKA  form of Luke -Saint Luke was the author of the third Gospel and Acts in the New Testament.
LYOV  lion 
MAKARI  blessed 
MACARIO  blessed 
MAKSIM  greatest
MAKSIMILIAN  This was the name of a 3rd century saint.
MAXIMILIAN  Emperor of Roman empire
MARK  Saint Mark was the author of the second Gospel in the New Testament. He is the patron saint of Venice.
MARTIN  derived from the Roman God of Mars
MATVEI  gift of god
MATTHEW  Gift of God. He was supposedly the author of the first Gospel in the New Testament.
MAXIM  great
MAKSIM  greatest 
MELOR  This name commemorates the creation of the former Soviet state
MIKHAIL  Who is God? 
NIKOLAI  A notable bearer was Nikolai Gogol, a 19th - century Russian novelist.
MILAN  gracious 
MILOSLAV  "favour glory" 
MIROSLAV  "great glory" 
MISHA  Russian pet form of MICHAEL It is occasionally used as a female name.
MITYA  Pet form of DMITRI derived from the Greek Goddess of Demeter
MODEST  moderate
MOTYA  form of Matthew
MSTISLAV  "vengeance and glory" 
NAUM  comforter
NIKIFOR  victory carrier
NIKEPHOROS  carrying victroy
NIKITA unconquerable
NIKODIM  victory of people 
NICODEMUS  victory of the people
NIKOLAI  A notable bearer was Nikolai Gogol, a 19th century Russian novelist. 
OLEG  successful
ONISIM  profitable 
ONESIMUS  beneficial and profitable
OSIP  form of Joseph meaning God will Add
PANKRATI  powerful
PANKRATIOS  all powerful
PASHA  Pet form of PAVEL 
PAVEL  small or humble
Paul humble
PATYA  humble
PAVEL  lowly
PETYA  rock
Peter rock or stone
PYOTR  Peter
RADIMIR  happy
RADZIMIERZ  happiness
RADKO  happy
RADOSLAV  happy glory
RADOSLAW  happy glory
ROMAN  Roman 
ROSTISLAV  "to usurp glory" 
RURIK  famed power
RODERICK  famous power
SAMOYLA  God?s name
SAMUEL  name of god
SAMUIL  form of Samuel 
SASHA  defending men
SAVA  old man
SABAS  old man
SAVELI  people of central Italy
SEMYON  listening
SERGEI  servant
SERGIUS servant
SEVASTIAN  venerable
SPYRIDON  spirit
STANIMIR  "great government" 
STANISLAV  camp glory or government glory
STEPAN  crown
SVYATOPOLK  "blessed people" 
SVYATOSLAV  "blessed glory" 
TARAS "of Tarentum" Tarentum is a town in Italy. 
TIKHON  Hitting the mark
TIMOFEI  honoring God
VADIM  to rule with greatness
VALENTIN  strong , vigorous and healthy
VANYA  Pet form of IVAN meaning John
VARFOLOMEI  abounding in furrows
VARLAM  Barlaam was a 3rd century hermit from Senaar
VASILI  king
VASILY  king
VASSILY  Variant transliteration of VASILI 
VASYA  Pet form of VASILI
VENYAMIN  son of the south or son of the right hand (form of Benjamin)
VIKTOR  victory
VITALI  vitals of life
VITYA  pet form of VITALI
VLADILEN  Contraction of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the founder of the former Soviet state.
VLADIMIR  "to rule with greatness" 
VLADISLAV  "to rule with glory" 
VLASI  lisping
VOLODYA  form of Vladimir
VOLODYMYR  Russian variant of VLADIMIR
VOLYA  Short form of VOLODYMYR 
VSEVOLOD  "to rule all" 
VYACHESLAV  more glory
YAKIM  Established by God
YAKOV  to hold the heel or supplanter
YAROSLAV  spring glory
YASHA  Russian form of Jacob
YERMOLAI  people of Hermis
YEVGENI  form of Eugene meaning well born
YEVGENY  born well
YURI  Russian form of George meaning ?Earth worker or farmer?. 
ZAKHAR  God remembers 
Russian Girl Names
AGAFYA  love
AGATA  good
AGLAYA  beauty
AGNESSA  chaste
AGRAFENA  This name was borne by the scheming mother of emperor Nero.
AKILINA  eagle
AKSINYA  hospitality
AKULINA  eagle
ALANA light
ALEKSANDRA  feminine form of ALEXANDER meaning ?defender of men?
ALYONA  moon
ANASTASIA  flower or resurrection
ANNA  pet form of Hannah, the mother of Samuel from the Bible. 
ANOUSKA  Russian pet form of ANNA 
ANTONINA  flower
ANUSHKA  Russian pet form of ANNA 
ANYA  Russian pet form of ANNA 
ARINA  variation of Irene meaning ?peace? 
ARISHA  Pet form of ARINA 
ASYA  Pet form of ANASTASIA meaning ?resurrection?
AYN  Russian form of ANNE A famous bearer was Ayn Rand, a 20th century writer and philosopher. 
BOGDANA  gift from God
BOLESLAVA  fame in battle
BRONISLAVA  victory in battle
DIANA  divine . Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales, was a famous bearer of this name. 
DOMINIKA  of the lord
ELENA  form of Helen meaning ?torch or moon?
ELIZAVETA  oath of God
EVA  living
EVDOKIYA  to seem well 
EUDOCIA  to look well
FEDORA  Feminine form of THEODORE Several Byzantine empresses had this name.
FEODORA  Russian form of THEODORA 
GALA  calmful
GALINA  calm
GALYA  Pet form of GALINA 
IRINA  peace
ISIDORA  gift of Egyptian Goddess
IVA  feminine form of Ivan
ISIDORA  gift of Egyptian goddess
KATINKA  pure 
KATYA  purity
KENYA  innocent. This name may also be given in reference to the country in Africa.
KRISTINA  feminine form of Christian
KSENIYA  hospitality
LANA  little rock or handsome
LARA  feminine form of Larry 
LARISA  citadel
LARISSA  variant of Larisa
LIDIYA  Lydia was a region on the west coast of Asia Minor. In the New Testament this is the name of a woman converted by Saint Paul.
LYDIA same as Lidiya
ELIZAVETA  Russian form of ELIZABETH meaning ?oath of God?
LUDMILA  "favour of the people" 
LYUBA  Pet form of LYUBOV 
LYUBOV  "love" 
LYUDMILA  favor of the people 
MARFA  mistress of the house
MARINA  of the sea
MARIYA  latin form of Mary
MARYA  Russian form of MARY 
Mary "sea of bitterness", "rebelliousness", or "wished for child"
MASHA  Russian pet form of MARY 
MATRONA  "lady" 
MIKHAILA  Russian feminine form of MICHAEL meaning ?Who is God??
MILENA  gracious
MILOSLAVA  favor glory
MIROSLAVA  favor glory
MISHA  Russian pet form of MICHAEL It is occasionally used as a female name. 
NADEZHDA  "hope" 
NADYA  hope
NASTASIA  Short form of ANASTASIA meaning ?flower or resurrection?
NATALYA  x mas day
NATASHA  Russian pet form of NATALIE 
NINA "little girl". 
NINEL  Reversal of the name Lenin. Lenin was the founder of the former Soviet state. 
OKSANA  hospitality
OXANA  hospitality
OKSANA hospitality
POLINA  derived from the name of the god APOLLO 
RADA "happy". 
RAINA  queen
RAISA "more relaxed". 
RAYA  more relaxed
ROZA  rose
SASHA  pet form of ALEXANDRA meaning ?defending men?
SELINA  moon
SERAFIMA  fiery one
HURA  feminine form of Alexander
SOFIYA  wisdom
SONYA  Russian pet form of SOPHIA 
STANISLAVA  camp glory 
STASYA  Pet form of ANASTASIA , meaning ?resurrection?
SVETA  light
TALYA  Pet form of NATALYA 
TAMARA "spice" 
TANYA  unknown meaning
TASHA  Short form of NATASHA 
TEKLA  glory of god
TOMA  Pet form of TAMARA meaning ?spice?
USTINYA  Russian form of JUSTINA meaning ?justice?.
VALENTINA  strong, vigorous and healthy
VALERIYA  to be strong
VARVARA  foreign
VARYA  foreign
VERA  faith or true
VERONIKA  true image
VLADIMIRA  to rule with greatness
VLADISLAVA to rule with glory
VONDA  a wend
YAROMIRA  great spring
YELENA  form of Helen
YELIZAVETA  oath of god
YEVGENIYA  good birth
ZHENYA  Pet form of EVGENIYA meaning ?of good birth?
ZINA  Short form of ZINAIDA 
ZINAIDA  Russian form of the Greek name Zenais, which was derived from the name of the Greek god Zeus.
ZEUS  Shine or sky
ZINOVIA  life of Zeus
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