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Most names in the Muslim world come from the Arabic language, although there is some borrowing from Persian and Turkish (especially in Iran and Turkey). The majority of the names are derived from vocabulary words.Islam is of course a major influence on naming practices. The multiple forms of Muhammad are extremely popular, as are the names of his family and descendents, such as Omar, Ali, Bakr and Fatima. Military leaders are often honored as well; for example Tariq and Amir. The Koran is another source of names. Ibrahim and Mariam are two examples of names from the Koran that have English biblical equivalents (Abraham and Mary). 

Muslim Boy Names
ABBAS  Muhammad's uncle. 
ABDUL  "servant of" 
ABDUL - AZIZ  -"servant of the powerful one" 
ABDULLAH  -"servant of God" 
ABDUL-RAHMAN "servant of the merciful one" 
ADEL justice 
ADIL  "justice" 
AHMAD "more commendable" 
AHMED  commendable 
AKEEM wise 
ALI "lofty" or "sublime" 
AMIN  "truthful" 
AMIR  "prince" or "commander" 
ANAS Either "friendly" or "a group of people" 
ANASS  friendly 
ANWAR  "brighter" 
ANWER bright
AS'AD "luckier?
AZIZ  "powerful" or "beloved" 
BADR full moon
BAHA "splendor" 
BAHIJ happy
BAKR  "young camel" 
BAQIR "to rip open" 
BASIM  "smiling" 
BASSAM  smiling 
BOUTROS  Arabic form of PETER 
DAWUD Arabic form of DAVID
DIYA "brightness, glow" 
FADI "saviour" 
FADIL "virtuous, generous" 
FADL "grace, generosity" 
FAHD "panther" 
FAHIM  "scholar" 
FAIZEL "a judge" 
FAKHRI "honourary" 
FARAG  remedy 
FARAJ  "remedy" or "improvement" 
FARID "unique" 
FARIS  "knight" 
FAROOQ "person who can tell right from wrong"
FAROUK This was the name of the last king of Egypt. 
FARUQ "person who can tell right from wrong" 
FATHI  "conqueror" 
FAWZI  "triumph" 
FAYIZ  "victor" 
FAYSAL  a judge 
FEROZE  successful 
FIHR  "stone pestle" 
FIRDAUS paradise 
FIRDOS  "paradise" 
FIROZ  "successful" 
FOUAD  "heart" 
FUAD  "heart" 
GABIR comforter 
GABR  consolation 
GAFAR  stream 
GALAL  greatness 
GAMAL beauty 
GAMIL  beautiful
GHALIB  "conqueror" 
GHASSAN  "youth" 
GHAYTH  "rain" 
GUDA  goodness or excellence 
GULZAR "flourishing, blooming" 
HABIB  "beloved" 
HADI  "religious guide" 
HAFIZ  Muslim "custodian, guardian" (Arabic) 
HAIDAR "lion" 
HAIDER lion 
HAKEEM  wise 
HAKIM "wise" 
HAMID  "thankful, praising" 
HAMZA  "strong, steadfast
HANI "happy" 
HARITH "good provider" 
HAROUN  Arabic form of Aaron
HARUN  Arabic form of AARON 
HASAN  "good" or "beautiful" 
HASHIM  "crushing" 
HASIM "decisive" 
HASSAN  This was the name of kings of Morocco. 
HATIM "determined" 
HAYDER  lion 
HAYTHAM "young eagle" 
HIKMAT "wisdom" 
HISEIN Al-Hussein was the son of Ali and the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad 
HISHAM  "generous"
HOSNI "beauty, excellence" 
HUSAIN  Al-Hussein was the son of Ali and the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad
HUSAM "sword" 
HUSAYN  Al-Hussein was the son of Ali and the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad
HUSSAIN Al-Hussein was the son of Ali and the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad
HUSSEIN . Al-Hussein was the son of Ali and the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad. In more recent times this was the name of a king of Jordan. 
HYDER  lion 
Ibrahim  the son of Abraham
IHAB  "gift" 
IHSAN "charity" 
IMAD "support" or "pillar" 
IMAM "leader" 
'ISAM "security, pledge" 
'ISMAT "safeguarding" 
IZZ-AL-DIN  "glory of religion" 
IZZ-ED-DIN  glory of religion
JABBAR  comforter 
JABIR  "comforter" 
JABR  Muslim "consolation, assistance" (Arabic) 
JABRIL Arabic form of Gabriel, an angel. 
JAFAR "stream 
JALAL  "greatness" 
JAMAAL  beauty 
JAMAL "beauty" 
JAMIL "beautiful" 
JAMSHED  "shining river" 
JAVED  "eternal" 
JAWDAT  "goodness, excellence" 
JINAN "garden" or "paradise" 
JUDA  "goodness, excellence" 
KAMAL "perfection" 
KAMIL  "perfect" (Arabic) 
KARAM  "generosity" 
KAREEM  noble and generous 
KARIM  "noble, generous" 
KHALEEL  dear friend 
KHALID "eternal" KHALIFA -"successor, caliph" 
KHALIL  "dear friend" 
KHALIQ  "creator" 
KHAYRAT "good deed" 
KHAYRI "charitable" 
KHAYYAM  "tent maker" 
KHORSHED Muslim Variant of KHURSHID 
KHURSHID  "sun" 
KHWAJA "master, owner" 
MAHMUD  Ancient form of MUHAMMAD This was the name of the first Muslim ruler of India (11th-century). Meaning praiseworthy. 
MAHOMET  praiseworthy 
MAKRAM  "generous" or "noble" 
MALAK "angel" 
MALIK  "king" 
MANSUR  "victorious" 
MAS'UD "lucky" 
MIHAMMAD  praiseworthy 
MIRZA  "prince" 
MIS'ID  lucky 
MOHAMED praiseworthy 
MOHAMMAD  praiseworthy 
MOHAMMED praiseworthy 
MUHAMMAD  "praiseworthy" This was the name of the prophet who founded the Islamic religion in the 7th century. 
MUHSIN  "beneficent" 
MUKHTAR  "chosen" 
MUNIR  "bright, shining" 
MUS'AD  "lucky" 
MUSTAFA  "the chosen one" 
MU'TASIM  "faithful to God" 
NABIL "noble" 
NADIM  "drinking companion" 
NAGIB  noble or intelligent
NAIL  "attainer" 
NA'IM  "tranquil, at ease" 
NAJIB  "noble" or "intelligent" 
NASIR "helper" 
NAVEED  "good news" 
NIZAR  "to be little". 
NUR "light" or "to illuminate". 
OMAR Populous or flourishing. This was the name of a 12th-century poet from Persia, Omar Khayyam. 
OSAMA  lion
PARVAIZ  "fortunate, happy" 
PARWIZ  happy 
QASIM "one who divides goods among his people" 
QUSAY "distant" 
. RA'ED "thunder" 
RAFIQ  "friend" or "gentle" 
RAHEEM  compassionate
RAHIM "compassionate" 
RASHAD "good sense, good guidance" 
RASHID "rightly guided" 
RAZA "contentment" 
RIAZ "meadows, gardens" 
ROSHAN  "light" 
SA'D "good luck" 
SA'ID  "happy" 
SAKHR  "solid rock" 
SALAH  "righteous" . 
SALEH righteous
SALIH "virtuous" 
SALIM  "safe" 
SAMEER  "companion in evening talk" 
SAMIR  "companion in evening talk" 
SAYYID "master" 
SHADI "singer" 
SHAFIQ  "compassionate" 
SHAHJAHAN "king of the world" . This was the name of the 17th-century Mogul emperor who built the Taj Mahal. 
SHAHZAD "prince" 
SHAKIR "thankful" 
SHAQUILLE "handsome" 
SHARIF "eminent, virtuous" 
SHER "lion" 
SHUKRI  "thanking" 
SOHAIL the second brightest star in the sky 
SUHAIL From the Arabic name of the second brightest star in the sky, known in the western world as Canopus. 
SUHAYL the second brightest star in the sky 
SÜLAYMAN  a sultan of the Ottoman Empire 
SÜLEIMAN  a sultan of the Ottoman Empire 
SÜLEYMAN  Süleyman the Magnificent was a sultan of the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century. 
TAMID  Short form of the Arabic name Mu'tamid, which is perhaps a variant of MUHAMMAD 
TAREK  anglicized form of Tariq.
TARIQ "he who pounds at the door" 
TAWFIQ  "good fortune" 
UMAR "populous" or "flourishing" 
USAMA  "lion" 
UTHMAN  "baby bustard? 
WALID "newborn" 
WASIM  "handsome" 
WASSIM  handsome
YAHYA  Arabic form of john. 
YASIR "to be rich" or "to be easy" 
YASSER  "to be rich" or "to be easy" 
YOUSEF  Arabic form of JOSEPH 
YOUSSEF Arabic form of JOSEPH 
YUSHUA  Arabic form of JOSHUA 
YUSUF  Arabic form of JOSEPH 
ZAID growth or to increase 
ZAKI "pure" 
ZAYD "growth" 
ZIA  "splendor, light" 
ZIYA  light 
ZIYAD  "growth" 
Muslim Girl Names
'ABLA "full figured" 
'AISHA  "alive? 
ALIA  ?sublime or lofty? 
ALINA  "noble" 
ALYA  "sublime" or "lofty" 
AMAL  "aspirations" 
AMANI  "wishes" 
AMINA  "truthful" 
AMIRA  ?Princess or commander?
ANISA  "friendly" 
ASMA  "appellations" or "prestige" 
ATIYA  "gift"
AYISHAH  "prosperous" 
BADR  "full moon 
BAHIGA  "happy" 
BAHIYYA "beautiful" 
BASMA  ? smiling?
BUDUR  ?full moon ?
DALAL  "coquettishness" 
DIMA  "downpour" 
DUA  "prayer" 
DUHA  "morning" 
FADIA  ? savior?
FADILA  virtuous, generous 
FAHMIDA  scholar 
FAKHRI  "honourary
FAKHRIYYA  honourary 
FARAH  "joy" 
FARDOOS  "paradise" 
FARIDA  "unique" 
FARIHA  "happy" 
FARRAH  Muslim "burden bearer" (Arabic) 
FATHIYYA  conqueror 
FATIMA  "to abstain" 
FATIN  "charming" or "seductive" 
FATMA  Contracted form of fatima
FAWZI  "triumph" 
FAWZIYYA  truimph
FAYRUZ  "turquoise (the gemstone) 
FIDDA  "silver" 
FIKRIYYA  intellectual
GAMAL  beauty
GAMILA  beautiful 
GATHBIYYA  charming 
GHADA  "graceful woman" 
GHADIR  "stream" 
GHALIYA  "fragrant" 
GHUFRAN  "forgiveness" 
HABIBA  beloved 
HADIL  "cooing (of a pigeon)) 
HADYA  Religious guide 
HAFSA  "brooding hen" 
HAFSAH brooding hen 
HAFZA brooding hen 
HAIFA  "slender" 
HALA "halo around the moon" 
HANA  "bliss, happiness" 
HANAA  happiness 
HANAN  "mercy, compassion" 
HAYFA  "slender" 
HIBA  "gift" 
HIKMAT  "wisdom" 
HIND  Meaning unknown. This was the name of one of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad. 
HOODA  right guidance
HOUDA  right guidance 
HUDA  "right guidance" 
IBTIHAJ  "joy" 
IBTISAM  "smiling" 
IHAB  "gift" 
IHSAN  "charity" 
IKRAAM  "honour" 
IMAN "faith" 
IMEN  faith 
IN'AM  "giving, bestowal" 
'ISMAT  "safeguarding" 
ISRA  "nocturnal journey" 
I'TIDAL "temperance, moderation" 
IZDIHAR  "blossoming" 
JAMAL  "beauty" 
JAMILA  beautiful
JATHBIYYA  charming
JATHIBIYYA  "charm, attractiveness" 
JESSENIA  "flower" 
JINAN  "garden" or "paradise" 
JUMANA  "silver pearl" 
JUMANAH  silver pearl 
KARAM  "generosity" 
KARIMA  "noble, generous" 
KHADIGA  premature child
KHADIJA  "premature child" 
KHALIDA  eternal
KHATIJAH  premature child 
KHAYRIYYA  charitable 
KHURSHID  "sun" 
LAMIS  "soft" 
LAMYA  "having beautiful dark lips" 
LATEEFAH  gentle and kind 
LATIFA  kind
LATIFAH  gentle 
LAWAHIZ  "glances" 
LAYLA  "wine, alcohol" 
LEILA  ?night?
LEILAH  night 
LELA  night 
LINA  "palm tree" 
LUBNA  "storax tree" 
LUJAYN  "silver" 
MAHA  "wild cow" 
MALAK "angel" 
MARIAM  Arabic form of Mary 
MARWA  a fragrant plant. Al -Marwa is one of the hills in Mecca. 
MARYAM  Arabic form of MARY 
MUHSINA  beneficient 
MUNA  "wish" or "desire" 
MUNIRA  bright and shining 
NADA  Either "generous" or "dew" 
NADYA generous 
NAILA  attainer 
NA'IMA "tranquil, at ease" (Arabic) 
NAWAL  "gift" 
NUHA  "mind" 
NURA  "light" or "to illuminate". 
RABAB  From the Arabic word rababah, a musical instrument. 
RAJA  "hope" 
RANA  "an eye - catching object" 
RANYA  "looking" 
RASHIDA  rightly guided 
RAWIYA  "storyteller" 
RAWYA  story teller 
RIM  "white antelope" 
ROSHAN  "light" 
ROSHANARA  "light of the assembly" 
RUQAYYA  "ascent" or "incantation" 
SABAH  "morning" 
SALHA  righteous 
SALMA  "safe" 
SAMEERA  "companion in evening talk"
SANA'  "radiance" 
SANYA  "radiant" 
SARA  Abraham?s wife 
SCHEHERAZADE  person of the city
SHADYA  singer 
SHAFIQA  compassioante 
SHAHIRA  renowned" 
SHAHNAZ  "pride of the king" 
SHAHRAZAD  "person of the city" 
SHAHRIZAD  city dweller 
SHAKIRA  thankful 
SHAMA  "lamp" or "mark" 
SHARIFA  eminent or virtuous 
SHEHERAZADE  city dweller 
SHUKRIYYA  thankful 
SURAYA  the ?Pleiades? 
TALIBA  "seeker of knowledge" 
THURAYYA  "the Pleiades" . The Pleiades are a group of seven stars in the constellation Taurus. 
WIDAD  "love" 
ZAHRA  radiance 
ZAHRAH  "splendor, radiance" 
ZAIDA  growth
ZAINAB  From the Arabic name of a fragrant flowering plant. 
ZAIRA  vibrance
ZAKIYYA  pure 
ZARAY  radiance 
ZARIA  radiance

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