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In modern times in the English-speaking world there has been a strong trend towards using surnames as given names, for example Beverley, Cameron, Bradley and Ryan. The surnames themselves come from a variety of sources. There are also many vocabulary words (such as Jade, Summer and Hope in English) which are used as given names.The stock of first names is further increased by variants of traditional names (such as Alicia from Alice, Krystle from Crystal), independent short forms of traditional names (such as Bill from William, Jessie from Jessica), and made-up names (such as Lavone and Jolene). There are also many feminine forms of masculine names, for example Jane from John, Roberta from Robert, Nicole from Nicholas. Interestingly this trend does not seem to happen the other way around.
English Boy Names
Aaron the enlightened, mountain high
Abraham Father of many
Adam earth
Aidan Fire, warmth of the home
Alan cheerful, in harmony
Alexander helper and defender of mankind
Alp hero
Anchor "...hope is like a firm and steady anchor of the soul." Hebrews 6:19
Andrew Manly
Antony Inestimable; incomparable; praiseworthy
Ashton Ash tree settlement
Bailey Steward or bailiff
Benjamin fortunate
Blake Either black or pallid
Braden From the broad or wide valley
Bradley broad meadow
Brady wide island
Brendan Dweller by the beacon
Brent Steep hill
Brian Strong; sincere
Brown russet complexion
Cade Pure
Cale -bold
Caleb courageous
Calum from St. Columbus; Originally Latin for Dove
Cameron crooked nose
Carrington family or place name
Ceasar Purposeful
Cheyenne Name of Algonquin tribe, red people
Christian anointed, Christian
Christopher Christ bearer
Cody pillow, mommy's boy
Colin A young hound
Conner wise aid
Connor high longing
Courtney court dweller
Dakotah friend
Damian, Damien Tamed or Tamer
Daniel A judge
David beloved
Devin Poet
Domenic Lord
Drew masculine
Dustin brave warrior
Dylan son of the sea or ocean
Emeri industrious leader
Emlyn sacred
Erick ever powerful, rule
Erik honorable ruler
Ethan Firmness
Fabien bean farmer
Frazer Grower/planter of strawberries
Gabriel God is my strength
Garfield spear field
Gavin contented one
Gerard Brave with the spear
Gideon destroyer of trees
Gilbert shining pledge
Glen intelligent
Guy Guide
Harvey strong and ardent
Hayes hedged area
Hays family name
Holden kind and gentile
Ian A scotch form of John
Indiana from the state of indiana
Isaiah The Lord
Isaac laughter 
Jackson Son of Jack; God's Grace
Jacob The supplanter
James supplanter (from Jacob)
Jared Descending
Jeremy, Jerry Exaulted; placed high above others
Jason Healer
Jay The supplanter
Jesse Grace of God
Jody/Jodi God will increase
John God is gracious
Jonah Peace
Jonathan God's offering, gift of God
Joseph God will increase
Joshua God is salvation
Jude Praise
Julian youthful, handsome
Justin Just
Kade variant of Kincaid, leader of battle
Kaleb courageous
Keala Pathway
Keegan little fiery one
Keith Wood dweller
Kelly warrior
Kelsey Victory at Sea
Kendall the golden town
Keoki from George
Kerry the dark
Khalid who stay alive
 Kody pillow
Kyle Fair and handsome
Landon grassy land
Lane From the narrow road
Leif Beloved
Leslie From the Grey Fortress Meadow
Levi A bond; a tie; a promise
Liam valiant protector; form of William
Liam Eliam was King Solomon's grandfather
Mackenzie son of wise man
Madison Mighty in battle
Maersk Marsh
Malachi book of the bible; angel, messenger
Maliq master, leader
Matthew gift from the Lord
Michael Like the Lord
Morgan great, bright; Born by the sea
Nathan A gift
Nathaniel A gift
Neil Champion
Nicholas successful commander
Noah comfort, strength, rest
Oakley a field of Oaks
O'Bannon of the white haired one
Owen Well-descended
Parker keeper of the parks
Patrick nobleman
Paul Little;small
Phillip A lover of horses
 Quentin The fifth
Quinlan well shaped, graceful
Rami who can shot well
Randall The protector
Reece ardent one
Richard dominant ruler
Robert  Winner over all
Robin Of shining fame, A form of Robert
Ronald Worthy of admiration
Ryan king; A capable executive
Samuel Asked of God
Scott The wanderer
Sean gift from God
Skyler sheltering
Sloane man of arms
Stephen protected
Sutton The town to the south
 Taylor A tailor
Thomas Twin
Timothy Honoring God
Todd a fox
Trevor Prudent
Trey Three
Trent Swift running
Tristin Sad
Tyler maker of tiles
Vance Thresher
Victor Conquering
Vincent Invincible
Virgil Growing; flourishing
Wayne  A wagon maker
Wesley From the west meadow
Westley From the west meadow
Whitley white meadow
Wiatt Guide
William Protector
Wilson Son of Will
Wyatt Guide
Xavier Brilliant
Zachariah Whom God remembers
Zachary Remembered by the Lord
Zeo no meaning
English Girl Names
Acea little warrior girl
Ainslee my own meadow
Alexa It is a variant of Alexandra and it means "man's defender", or "noble".
Alixandria Defender of mankind; Comes from the male name Alexander
Aliyah rising
Aleen loving, good looking
Alka Girl with beautiful long hair
Alyson truth & noble
Alyssa of good cheer, noble
Amanda Worthy of Love, loveable
Amariah the one whom God has promised
Amarissa follower of God
Andrea daughter of man
Angel God's messenger
Angela God's messenger
Anissa understanding
Anna gracious
Annaliese grace, pledged to God
Ariana A beautiful melody or very Holy one
Arielle of the water, lioness of God
Ariene silvery
Arminda the protector
Ashanti powerful empire on the west coast of Africa
Ashley From the ash tree meadow
Audrey noble strength
Audrina dim. Audrey
Aurora Dawn
Autumn Harvest; beauty
Bailey Steward or bailiff
Beatrice Bringer of joy
Becky The ensnarer; from Rebecca
Belle Beautiful
Beverley,Beverly by the meadow of beavers
Bianca White; fair
Briana The strong
Brietta Strong
Bronwen, Bronwyn, Bronwynn white, pure of heart
Brooke The Brook
Caitlin pure
Cameron crooked nose
Cara Friend
Cari Flowing like water
Carin dear little one
Carissa beloved
Carolyn Noble-spirited
Carrie Noble-spirited
Carrigan Black
Cary, Carey Dark of hair or complexion
Casey (Gaelic) Brave
Cassandra messenger of truth
Cassie Pure
Catherine, Cathrine Pure
Chanda The great goddess
Chandni moonlight
Chanelle Channel
Cheryl Beloved
Cheyenne Name of Algonquin tribe, red people
Chloe blooming, flowering
Chrislynn beauty
Cierra saw
Claudia Lame
Colleen girl
Corine a maiden
Courtney court dweller
Daisy bright flower
Dakotah, Dakota friend
Danica Morning Star
Danielle God is my judge
Dara Compassionate
Daria Rich
Dawnell morning sun
Desiree to watch with desire
Destiny one's fate
Devin Poet
Dreama Heavenly Guidance
Drew masculine
Dulcie sweet
Eglantine Wild Rose
Elaine Light
Eliesha exalted nature; from Alice
Elizabeth My God is bountiful, God is plenty, God's Oath
Elouise renowned in battle
Emeri industrious leader
Emlyn sacred
Emily Industrious
Emma God of light
Erika,Erica ever-strong
Estelle star
Evanle From Evan, var John, God is gracious; and Lee, meadow
Faith Sure reliance
Gabriella God's angel
Giovianna fem. of John, God is gracious; var. Giovanna
Grace God's blessing
Gracie Grace
Hannah Grace
Hannelore gracious
Heather colored flowers
Helena From the greek Helios, sun. var. of Helen
Hermanda Made up from Sandra, defender of mankind and Herman, army man
Hong flower, rose
Hope hope
Iris The rainbow
Jade The stone
Jamie Feminine form of James
Jaime, Jaimie I love
Janel Darling Jane
Janessa From Jennifer (white wave) and Vanessa (butterfly)
Jasmine Fragrant flower
Jazmin a flower
Jennifer white wave
Jesse Grace of God
Jessica Wealthy
Jessie My present
Jody/Jodi God will increase
Jonah Peace
JosKaitlyn pure
Katiah small tree
Katie pure, dim. Katharine 
Kaylie Pure heart
Kara form of very dear little one 
Kassidy Clever
Katharyne, Kathryn, Kaytee Pure
Kathleen Dear to my heart; pure
Keala Pathway
Keira dark one
Kelly warrior
Kelsey Victory at Sea
Kendall the golden town
Kendra The knowing woman 
Kerry the dark
Kiona Indian princess
Kira The sun
Kirstie The Christian or anointed
Lacee, Lacie beautiful spirit
Laura A laurel; Famous
Lauren Laurel
Lavina Purified
Leigh meadow or pasture
Leigha weary
Leslie From the Grey Fortress Meadow
Lindell from the valley of lillies
Lindsay, Lyndsey Island of Linden Trees
Lynn,Lyn by the waterfall
Mackenna Happiness
Madison Mighty in battle
Makaila fem of Michael, Like the Lord
Makenna Happiness
Makenzey Determined Intelligent 
Malka Queen
Marina Mary, or from the sea
Mary bitter, bitterness
Maureen me darling
Maya Truth, brave, loving to every one who they meet
Megan pearl, from Margaret
Melanie dark skinned/clothed
Melissa honey bee
Michaela, Micheala Who is like the lord
Mikenna happiness 
Miranda wondrous
Morgan great, bright 
Nada beautiful girl
Naomi Pleasant
Natalie Christmas
Nathalie after Christmas 
Nicole victory of the people
Nuala feminine form of Noel meaning "Christmas"
Paisley Paisley Yards, a place in Scotland
Paris City in France
Payton Noble Woman
Peyton Village Warrior
Persephone Greek Goddess 
Rachel lamb of God
Raelyn pretty, doe
Rebecca beauty, witt and caring 
Reece ardent one
Reilly valiant
Renee reborn/born again
Riann fem of Ryan 
Rhianna witch, enchantress,goddess of the moon
Robin Of shining fame, A form of Robert
Ruby red precious gem
Rupali beautiful
Sabrina From the border
Sapphyre, Sapphire Gem
Sarah,Sarra Princess
Sari essence
Scarlet flaming red
Secret not to tell
Shanequa annointed by the grace of God
Shannon little wise one
Sharon a flat clearing
Shenita beauty, love, adornment 
Shiquita queen of the universe
Sierra Saw
Skylar sheltering
Sloane man of arms
Solace comfort in time of distress
Sophie wisdom, sophisticated
Talia Blooming
Tamara The palm tree
Tanaki beauty
Tanika a dweller in or near a rice swamp
Tayleigh perhaps made from Taylor and Leigh (tailor and meadow)
Taylor A tailor
Trinity Trinity River, it means the Father, the Son, and The Holy Spirit.
Tess dim. Theresa
Tessa Princess
Theresa harvest
Timothie One who honors God
Trinity The father, the son & the holy spirit
Vanea God's gracious gift 
Vanessa butterfly
Vanya God's gracious gift
Vedika no meaning submitted
Veronica True image
Vicki Versatile in inspirations
Victoria Conquering, victory
Whitley white meadow
Whitney from white island
Xenia Hospitable
Xzyliah made up
Zagros sweet, feminine
Zita short for Rosita, little rose
Zoe Free spirit 
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