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Most Christian countries share a common set of names, although those names are often pronounced and spelled differently across the various languages. The majority of this common set of names derives from either Hebrew, Greek, Latin, or one of the early Germanic, Celtic or Slavic languages. An important source has always been the names of famous saints. The church strongly encouraged the giving of saintly names to children, and this encouragement continues in Catholic countries. Some of these saints appear in the New Testament of the Bible, where the names are generally either Hebrew or Greek. Hebrew New Testament names include John, Simon, Matthew and Mary. Greek names include Peter, Luke and Stephen, while Paul and Mark are Latin. Other saints do not appear in the New Testament but play roles in later history and legends, for example saints Katherine, Patrick, Anthony, Barbara and George. A large number of these important early saints have names of Greek or Latin origin. Old Testament names were not commonly used by Christians until relatively recent times. Names from the Old Testament are predominantly Hebrew, and examples include Adam, Jacob, Noah, David, Jonathan, Isaac and Jeremiah. Some female examples are Eve, Sharon, Leah, Sarah, Rebecca, Ruth and Miriam.
Biblical Boy Names
Name Meaning
Abel Second Son of Adam and Eve
Abraham Father of Multitude
Adam The First Man
Angus Servant of the Lord
Benedict Blesses by God
Caleb Bold
Charles Free Man
Christian A Follower of Christ
Christopher Holds Christ's Faith
Daniel God is My Judge
David Beloved
Dominic Belonging to God
Edward Successful Leader
Eli Height
Elijah The Lord is My God
Ethan Loyal
Ezekial God Make Me Stronger
Felix Cheerful
Francis French
Gabriel God's Man
George ?
Gideon The Destroyer
Henry Lord
Jacob Son of Isaac
James An Apostle
Jason Healer
Joel The Lord is God
John God is Gracious
Johnathan God's Offering
Joseph God will give more
Joshua God is My Salvation
Lawrence From Laurentum
Louis ?
Luke Author of the Gospel of Saint Luke
Luther ?
Malcolm Disciple
Mark Author of the Gospel According to Saint Mark
Matthew God's Gift
Michael Archangel
Moses Drawn out of the Water
Nathan God's Gift
Noah Peaceful, Restful
Patrick Nobleman
Paul Small
Peter Stone
Philip Horse Lover
Richard  Great Strength
Sampson Child of the Sun
Stephen Protected
Thomas Identical
Tobias The Lord is Kind
Victor Winner
Vincent To Occupy
William Strenuous Guardian
Biblical Girl Names
Name Meaning
Agatha Good
Agnes Pure
Anastasia Resurrection
Anna, Anne From the Hebrew Hanna
Catherine Pure
Christiana Female form of Christian
Dina Judgement
Donna Originating from Madonna
Edna Pleasure
Emma Healer
Evangeline Good Tidings
Faith Belief & Trust in God
Felicity Happiness
Grace Grace
Hannah Graceful
Hope A virtue
Joy Pleasure
Joyce Lord
Lucia Light
Madonna Our Lady
Margaret Jewel
Mary Wished For
Rachel Sheep
Regina Queen
Sara Princess
Susan Kinship
Sylvia Lumber
Theresa ??
Vera Truth
Veronica Genuine Image
Zoe Life
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